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Non Functioning

The app just shows a blank, grey screen. It used to work in previous versions.

Pretty good

I like to play it but there is a few issues sometimes I see the same questions over and over and not very good graphics. But its pretty fun to play when your bored and I love questions but I think the computer version is better

I need a refund!! Dont buy!!

I bought this app today and I was hoping to play and answer some questions, but instead I was greeted by a blank screen...when I logged in I tried to submit a question, but it kept on saying Error 404. Its a waste of money. The dev needs to fix this ASAP or Im going to need a refund!


I love this app but if Im using it on my phone, I dont know how to post one! Also, how do I upload a profile picture?

Marche pas

Marche pas avec iPhone 6 s


Its funny

Too many repeats

I think I would give this app 5 stars if I didnt keep getting repeats of questions. It would be awesome to have it go linearly so that you dont get a shuffle/repeat line up.


Its been taking me 21 months to have my question submitted! What a joke.

Ugh. Please fix this.

The biggest reason I paid for this, rather than using the free version, is the hope that logging in would allow me not to see the same questions over and over, and to submit questions. My questions are forever pending review. I see the same questions over and over, every day. The last line on comments is often cropped off. The comment entry box does not scroll. Fix this, or offer refunds.


Crashes when you press the profile button.


Does nothing. There is no content on this app. Its blank.

Current version non functionning

Since the new update the app has not been working so our game we used to play in group has ended. Please fix quickly


When I bought the app it does not work it is just blank and I want a refund like fix but if no work I want my money back


Shows no content.


I think this is a funny app, I dont know why people say it doesnt work

It does not work

Please fix or I want a refund


This game needs to be fixed.


This game is so good, one time I stayed up all night playing! I would give it five stars if the question didnt repeat so much!


Nice app freezes doesnt work if your reading the reviews just get the free one its just as bad but has an ad banner at the bottom

Pretty good!

I dont really know what the others are saying, but this app works fine!! Although, sometimes, when you read the comments or simply stay on it for a long time, it will most likely freeze. So hopefully they fix that and once its fixed, everything is good in the app!

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